Mingming He (贺明明)

I obtained my Ph.D. degree from Computer Science & Engineering, HKUST in 2018, supervised by Pedro V. Sander. Before that, I received my M.S. degree and B.E. degree from Zhejiang University in 2014 and 2011. I was a research intern in the Visual Computing Group of MSRA supervised by Jing Liao and Lu Yuan during 2017.

Since March 2019, I have started at VGL@USC ICT as a postdoctoral researcher, working with Hao Li. My research interest is Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, mainly focusing on computational photography.


   Deep Exemplar-based Video Colorization

   Bo Zhang, Mingming He, Jing Liao, Pedro V. Sander, Lu Yuan, Amine Bermak, Dong Chen
   The Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2019.
   Paper | Video

   Gated Context Aggregation Network for Image Dehazing and Deraining

   Dongdong Chen, Mingming He, Qingnan Fan, Jing Liao, Liheng Zhang, Dongdong Hou, Lu Yuan, Gang Hua
   IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2019.
   Paper | Code

   Progressive Color Transfer with Dense Correspondence

   Mingming He, Jing Liao, Dongdong Chen, Lu Yuan, Pedro V. Sander
   ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 2018.
   Paper | Code | Supplementary

   Deep Exemplar-based Colorization

   Mingming He*, Dongdong Chen*, Pedro V. Sander, Lu Yuan (*Joint First Authors)
   ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), SIGGRAPH 2018.
   Paper | Code (Main)Code (Retrieval) | Supplementary

   Gigapixel Panorama Video Loops

   Mingming He, Jing Liao, Pedro V. Sander, Hugues Hoppe
   ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 2017.
   Paper | Project | Code (Viewer) | Video


  • Teaching Assistant, Game Programming, HKUST.
  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Computing with Excel VBA, HKUST.
  • Teaching Assistant, The Basic of Computer Science, Zhejiang University
  • Professional Activities

  • Reviewer: IEEE TVCG 2019, IEEE TMM 2019, IEEE SMCA 2019, IEEE Access 2019, JCGT 2019, IJCAI 2019, IEEE CGA 2018, PG 2018.
  • Awards

  • Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang University Awarded on Graduate Period.
  • Second-Class Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Students.
  • Jiang Zhen New Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Freshmen.
  • Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang University Awarded on Undergraduate Period.
  • 2K Games Scholarship for Outstanding Students.
  • National Scholarship for Students with Outstanding Merits.
  • First-Class Scholarship for Outstanding Students.
  • Second-Class Scholarship for Outstanding Students.